Submission to the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee inquiry into the “The future of UK music festivals” on behalf of the All Party Parliamentary Jazz Appreciation Group

All Party Parliamentary Jazz Appreciation Group

APPJAGis submitting evidence to the inquiry to ensure that UK music festivals and jazz festivals in particular are given the support and resources to enable them to survive and thrive up to and when normality is resumed.


Reference 1– UK Music festivals generate and contribute £6 billion to the economy. Of crucial importance is music tourism contributing £4.5 billion to the economy in 2018. Jazz Festivals are an important part of the UK jazz Scene. The number of jazz festivals in the UK ranges from 91-200. Music and jazz festivals have a number of beneficial impacts that are social, political, creative and economic. The multiplier effect of festivals is such that, for example, £1 spent at Manchester Jazz Festival will generate £6 for the local economy.

Reference 2– Without financial support 30% of the UK festival scene will not survive into 2021. As the festival sector…

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