Get Carter – Reimagined

The Wendy Kirkland Trio featuring special guest, Dennis Rollins MBE

Commissioned by the Ted Lewis Society in 2020, then booked for a COVID-postponed tour later that year, the quartet emerged to grace the Hull Jazz Festival stage in 2021.

The set features fresh arrangements of composer Roy Budd’s original score from the 1970 film, augmented with other pieces from the soundtrack and original material by Wendy Kirkland.

Now booking for 2023 and beyond, concerts have already been overwhelmingly well received at Chesterfield Jazz Club, Southport Jazz Festival and are looking forward to concerts starting with April 6th for JazzSteps at the Bonington Theatre in Nottingham.


Get Carter: Noir Edition at Hull Jazz 2021

Short interview with band at Hull Jazz 2021

the Wendy Kirkland Trio featured left to right; Pat Sprakes, Wendy kirkland, Steve Wyndham with the film logo beneath, and under this a picture of special guest Dennis Rollins, trombone

Ted Lewis Society

Project Duration
2020 – present day

Wendy Kirkland – piano and voice

Pat Sprakes – double bass

Steve Wyndham – drums

plus special guest Dennis Rollins MBE, trombone